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It all started on the sands of Dubai…

‘They play Polo on grass. They play Polo on snow. So we are going to play Polo on the beach.’

In previous years Polo was only perceived as a grass based sport, played on fields so large that it was easy for the spectators to feel detached from the action of the game.

This all changed with the creation of Snow Polo St. Moritz. The concept became our inspiration and it raised the question, if they can bring Polo to the snow, why can’t we bring Polo to the sand? In 2004, for the very first time Beach Polo was birthed on the sands of Dubai, the idea came to life and Beach Polo was born.

In September 2014 Beach Polo Cup Dubai received the official Patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Sports Council. This has further elevated the recognition of the sport on a local and international level.

Beach Polo helped increase the understanding of the sport, changed the perception of traditional Polo and above all, became more than just a sport, constantly pushing the limits and elevating the standard of the game resulting in pure excitement and entertainment that the sport offers, a fun thrilling experience to be enjoyed by all, not just Polo enthusiasts.

Playing on a smaller field made the sport more intense. It gives the spectators a more personal experience of the pure battle between teams and players. The purpose built area has been designed to allow spectators to be part of the action.

More than just a sport, Beach Polo offers the audience a modern take on an old and privileged social experience. While it does and always will maintain the prestige that traditional Polo deserves in many ways, it is more relaxed and accessible to a younger and trendier crowd.

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