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Each team is composed of 3 players, they can change as arbitrary.

The handicap-range is to be played from 6-8 goals, within 4 Chukkas according to the HPA (Hurlingham Polo Association) Arena rules 2012/13.

Rules of the Game:
After the 2 qualification games on the 1st day of polo, both teams with the highest point score are qualified for the finals.

The 3rd and 4th teams are playing for the “consolidation finals”.

With equality of scoring the encounter decides:
– the goal relation (measure)
– the number of scored goals
– flipping a coin – winner receives two points

Polo Field Dimension:
Size: 100 x 50 meter.
Field boards of approx. 1.20m height and the side are essential elements of the polo field. The baseline is at the end of the polo field with 10m run-off. The goals are centered on the baseline; their posts are spaced at intervals of 3 meters. The ball out of behind the goal line will be again kicked of by the defense team. The ball out of the side boards, the ball will be kicked in at the exit point of the sideline by a flagman.

The polo field is tagged as follows:
– Baseline
– Centerline
– 15 yards & 25 yards line towards each goal.

Colour: red

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